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Let’s Hear It For The Dads

Dads are ace.  You don’t tell him that because then he’d get that smug look on his face that always wound you up as a teenager, but they actually are.  They taught the offside rule, how to do DIY (measure twice, cut once), how to ride a bike, and took […]

There Will Be Shenanigans!

Let’s face it, everybody loves the Irish.  The UK loves it so much that in 1920 it decided to keep part of it!  St Patrick’s Day is the day when everyone gets to be a little bit Irish and celebrate in a way that the tee-total St Patrick would definitely […]

Veganism Hedonism

People who say vegans can’t eat anything delicious clearly haven’t tried out special spicy falafel burger with mayo, hand cut chips, salad and coleslaw on the side.  Although the mayo is vegan, the coleslaw isn’t so just tell our staff.   If you’re now asking yourself, “That sounds awesome but […]

We Will Float Your Boat

 If a boat is your idea of a romantic nightspot and an impenetrable fortress then I’ve got good news for you: We’ve got a foxy cocktail and two sublime shots on for the occasion We’re zombie free since October For this romantic time of year, we have the Strawberry Valentine which […]

And There It Was, Gone.

Christmas has been and gone. January has pretty much done one too along with my New Year’s Resolution.  The Bargecard is still here offering you great deals on drinks. If you invest £1 in a Bargecard you’ll be able to get 2 cocktail jugs for just £20, 2 bottles of bud […]